5 Best Guns in BGMI for Close Range Fight

5 Best Guns in BGMI for Close Range Fight: Battlegrounds Mobile India (BGMI) matches often come down to close-quarters fights where response time and weapon choice are key. Having a gun that works well at close range can give you a big advantage over the other people. In this blog post, we look at the top 5 weapons in BGMI that are good for close-range battles.

There are a lot of guns at BGMI, but not all of them are exactly the same. When it comes to the firing and speed of close-range fighting, some weapons really make an impact.

A gun’s rate of fire, hip fire spread, and damage at close range are all things that can help it beat an opponent in a tight situation. Let’s look at the best tools to have for fights that happen right up close.

5 Best Guns in BGMI for Close Range Fight

1. AKS-74U

The AKS-74U compact assault weapon fires a 5.45mm round at a very fast rate. Its high rate of fire and controlled recoil make it extremely accommodating in close-range battles where you don’t have much time to line up your shots. To take advantage of the AKS-74U’s ability to fire quickly, you must have an extended quickdraw magazine. The gun rips through armor and kills enemies very quickly when you are close to them.

2. M416

The M416 assault rifle is a classic weapon that has an unbeatable mix of flexibility and dependability. It works well at all ranges, but it really shines in close-range battles. With low recoil and an easy-to-control spray pattern, you can shoot at close targets from the hip and still do a lot of damage per second (DPS). Close-range dominance is best done with M416s that have a red dot sight and accessories like a half grip and a compensator.

3. Vector

The Vector machine gun is a beast when you’re close to it. It has almost no recoil and can fire shots at an incredibly fast rate. Up close, Vector has the best chance of being owned. With an extended quickdraw mag, you can shoot 60 shots at an enemy and reload the gun very quickly. With its fast rate of fire, accurate hip fire, and mobility, the Vector is great for clearing out buildings and spraying in close areas.

4. M1014

The M1014 shotgun is a force to be believed with if you want raw stopping power up close. Because the bullets spread out so much, you don’t have to look down sights as much. Just point in the direction of an enemy to do a lot of damage. When it comes to stopping power, the M1014 is one of the few weapons that can match to it. For hot drops and clearing buildings, the gun is a must-pick.

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5. Uzi

The Uzi SMG is a powerful gun that is easy to carry and works best at close to mid-range. It’s easy to use and moves quickly, and it does a lot of damage up close. The Uzi can kill enemies before they have a chance to do anything. The Uzi is great for rushing buildings and killing groups of people at close range because it has a big magazine that can hold 50 or 100 rounds and a stock that makes it stable.

How to Master guns in BGMI?

In BGMI, having the right guns for close-range fights can frequently decide the outcome of a match. The AKS-74U, the M416, the Vector, the M1014, and the Uzi are the best close-range guns. Get these guns to give yourself an edge in close-range battle (CQC). Get used to their spray patterns and attachments so you can force enemies to back down from close range. With the right gear for close fighting, you can’t be stopped.


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You now have access to a strategic study of the best options for BGMI close-range battle and domination. If you have these equipment, you’ll always be able to win those close-range fights that make your heart race. Have a good time on the battlefields!

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